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2011 OSMF Board elections


Four seats were available on the board for the 2011 board election. These were the seats previously held by Emilie Laffray, who stepped down in May; and Simone Cortesi, Iván Sánchez Ortega, each of whom vacated their seats for this election. Mikel Maron ran for re-election to the seat he already held on the board. Membership of the board is for a term of up to three years as stated in the Articles of Association.

Candidates and results

The following members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation stood for election to the board of the Foundation.

Name Result (Order)
Richard Fairhurst 98 votes (elected)
Matt Amos 81 votes (elected)
Mikel Maron 74 votes (elected)
Dermot McNally 68 votes (elected)
Kate Chapman 47 votes
Eugene Usvitsky 44 votes
Derick Rethans 42 votes
Niccolo Rigacci 41 votes
Serge Wroclawski 27 votes


Votes could be casted by proxy (via email) or in person (at AGM).

Proxy voting by email was open from September 1st to September 8th. Votes after that time could only be submitted in person at the AGM.

The committee that handled the election had the following people:

  • Henk Hoff (Secretary)
  • Derrick Nehrenberg (Independent scrutineer)
  • Richard Weait (Independent scrutineer)

More information about the Board Elections can be found on the OSM wiki