Licence and Legal FAQ/Takedown procedure/When To Use The Form

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When To Use The OpenStreetMap DMCA Takedown Form

Our Claim of Copy Infringement form is only for cases where you believe that material on OpenStreetMap's websites or in its geodata database infringes your copyright or that of your clients. For example, you claim someone has copied material from a map belonging to you.

When NOT To Use The OpenStreetMap DMCA Takedown Form

This form is NOT for reporting inaccuracies or privacy issues in the OpenStreetMap database.

If you have arrived here for such reason, here are some of things you can do:

  • Add a note to the map. For example, "This is a private driveway not a public road".
    • Go to our main map at
    • Click on the Notes icon, (move your mouse over the icons on the right hand side to find out which one it is).
    • Drag the marker icon to the exact location on the map. Please be accurate, it helps us.
    • Enter your note with as much detail as you can. Remember, you know the problem, we do not!
    • Click on "Add Note".
    • Done! We are all volunteers at OpenStreetMap so we may not get to it immediately. We will try our best.
    •
  • You can fix it yourself. The map is made by people just like you. They try their best to be accurate. You can register freely at . Please fix and explain, not just delete. If you delete, it may just get put right back!
  • Get a friend to fix it for you.
  • If all else fails, you can contact our Data Working Group at Feel free to write in your own language, we will try and translate.