Annual General Meetings/2022/Personnel committee's report

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The charter and official details on the Personnel Committee can be found at

The Committee is composed of Jean-Marc Liotier as Chair, Mikel Maron, as main point of contact for Dorothea Kazazi and Martin Raifer, and Guillaume Rischard as main point of contact for Grant Slater. With Jean-Marc retiring from the Board, we will appoint a new Chair following seating of the new Board.

The major development this year was employing Grant Slater as OSMF’s Senior Site Reliability Engineer. This entailed setting up OSM Foundation as an employer in the UK, and implementing payroll, benefits, and policies. We were assisted in this process by UK employment consultants Timeless Time. Our accountant Michelle Heydon has set up a lot of these systems, and regularly manages payroll, payments on invoices, and other contractual obligations.

Members of the Personnel Committee regularly meet with OSMF employees and key contractors, and also manage issues asynchronously. The usually monthly check-ins reflect on the prior month, discuss the month ahead, and address any administrative issues. The Committee itself does not regularly meet as a group.

Our employees and core contractors are